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Rev. Justin Lee Marple, Pastor of Niagara Presbyterian Church

Welcome to where you will find lots of sermons (audio and some full text), blog commentaries on all the books of the Hebrew Scriptures and also the New Testament book of Revelation, the newsletters of Niagara Presbyterian Church, book reviews and recommendations, and more.

I am the pastor of Niagara Presbyterian Church in Niagara Falls, NY.  You will be able to spot me on Sunday morning because I’m the one who wears the robe up in front at 11 a.m. while everyone else is dressed casually.  You can find my public statement of faith under the AUTHOR tab.  We try to have blended worship with both contemporary and hymn music styles each Sunday morning.  Yet we follow an ancient Christian order of worship: gathering around the Word, hearing the Word, responding to the Word, sealing the Word, and taking the Word into the world.  If you want to explore why we continue to use this order today, check out my paper “Historic Christian Liturgy: The Cure for MTD and Shallow Christianity.”  Niagara Presbyterian Church calls the nations to stream to heaven’s waterfall.  In other words, we are disciples of Jesus who call the nations to be disciples of Jesus.

If you are visiting this site for more intellectual reasons, you might find it useful to know that my approach to Scripture is what scholars call literary-canonical.  Thus my focus is on the text of Scripture.  If this is new to you, it might help to start with the oldest article under Teaching and then under Canon Commentary: “Old and New Testament Torah, Prophets & Writings.”

Whether you are looking for a church in Niagara Falls or you live far away, we pray that God may use this website for His glory alone.  We’re glad you’re here!