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Isaiah 6 is the first vision Isaiah saw of the thrice-Holy-Warrior God — the one who really reigns in all the earth.  This passage is often quoted in the New Testament at length because Isaiah does what Christ would continue and Paul after Him.  Isaiah preaching the gospel message to hard hearts would lead to the exile, Christ preaching the message to hard hearts would lead to His death, and Paul preaching the gospel to hard hearts would lead to the message going to the Gentiles.  Saying “woe is me” in response to the message does not save though it can be evidence of the saving grace of repentance, King Jesus is the Holy-Warrior battling to conquer His and our enemies.  Most modern evangelical presentations of the gospel are missing the kingship of Jesus and the holiness of God.  But as we gather together and worship we are sitting in the heavenly council, Jesus is present, the seraphim are attending to Him and bringing burning coals to touch our lips, and the Lord is speaking, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us” as ambassadors of reconciliation bringing the good news of amnesty for those who surrender to King Jesus?  Will see see this and say, “Here am I!  Send me!”?  Sometimes this message will harden hearts and sometimes it will bear good fruit, but no matter the results we are to share it.

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