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Rev. Justin Lee Marple, Niagara Presbyterian Church, purchase this book from

Enns, Peter.  EcclesiastesThe Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary.  Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2011.

This commentary arrived yesterday and I have already read the whole thing.  It is persuasive and helpful.  Several years ago I read Longman’s commentary on the book and was familiar with some of Enns arguments from class at WTS, all of which help explain why I was able to read it so quickly.  However, it was simply something that I did not want to put down (I was compelled to even read the footnotes along the way).  This book is a must read for all who struggle with doubt or despair as well as for pastors everywhere, do not let the fact that it is a commentary scare you away.

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