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I like saying PPL because when we are texting it means “people” and you might say that is our ministry in a word. We are interested in the gospel of eternal life for the people of God starting here and now.

Presbyterians Pro-Life began their ministry 31 years ago when I was an unborn child in my mother’s womb. And still to this day they speak for those without a voice from the beginning to the end of life. We are continuing the mission of the early church that spoke out against abortion and euthanasia. One way they acted on this belief was by adopting children that had been discarded to die from exposure to the elements. The church has spoken consistently on these issues, for example, the Reformers like Martin Luther and John Calvin all spoke out against abortion. And they acted on their convictions by showing hospitality to mother’s in need and caring for the elderly. What they said and did on these issues of life all arose from the Bible where they saw the need to stand up for the least among us.

But in 1983, our denomination changed its policy to reflect the changes in our society rather than to reform according to Scripture. Our medical insurance now even pays for any and all abortions that are legal according to the government. Thus Presbyterians Pro-Life speaks up for justice for those with no voice and does works of mercy. We help people in need, especially women who are recovering from an abortion through post-abortion counseling. It is common today for women to be forced or coerced into having abortions that they do not want. We are trying to raise awareness to this evil. And we also provide numerous resources for churches, many of which are available through our website

No matter what you think about these things we love talking to you as you are the future of this church just as those yet unborn will be the future.

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