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2 Peter 2:10b-22 gives the picture of the sow (a female pig) after washing herself going back to “wallow in the mire” or to roll in the mud.  This is a temptation that is especially great for those who are new followers of Christ.  And one that false teachers encourage.  Such teachers are not in the closet about their sins — they are not trying to hide their sins — they count it pleasure to revel in the daytime.  Their sins are not only public but even premeditated.  And they are teaching others that going back to roll in the mud is fine because they have been washed.  Putting it that way shows how illogical their teaching is, but it is more than irrational — it is insane.  It is insane because it is calling out for the judgment of God.  It is insane because not even great beings like angels would dare do some of the things they do.  It is insane because they have become like animals that are born to be caught and killed.  Insane like Balaam who had become like an irrational animal while his donkey spoke the voice of reason.

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