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The cleansing of the temple (Matt 21:12-17), the chief priests and elders of Israel questioning Jesus about the source of His authority (21:23-27) and the trial of Jesus before the Sanhedrin (26:57-68) are tied together by the theme of authority and power.  Jesus Christ speaks and acts with authority from God.  The priests, scribes and elders response was, “Who made you king?” Jesus never responded defensively, and when forced to respond under oath, He responded offensively.  He offended them.  He is the kind of preacher that no one would choose to be their pastor, but He is the pastor of every true church.  And seeing the abuse that He endured: He is the kind of king you would not choose to lead you into battle, but He has been made king and judge over you.  Is He your Lord?  Or are you still asking, “Who made you king?”

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