1 Cor 14:33b-40 brings the fourth essay of 1 Corinthians to an end.  It has two basic parts the first part regards women (primarily married women are in view) being silent in the church and the second part gives us Paul’s personal appeal and a summary of the whole essay.  So we will actually deal with these two parts in the reverse order — starting with the personal appeal and summary of the whole essay and then move back to the particular issue of women speaking in church.  First we need to feel the impact of Paul’s personal appeal, when he says that what he is saying is a command of the Lord, and which he strengthens by saying anyone who does not recognize that is not recognized as a member of the body of Christ.  Then we will move to the summary of the essay in two parts, then we can talk about what Paul means by saying women are to be silent in church, and then some practical application for today (especially in light of the fact that it is Father’s Day).

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