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Isaiah 2:1-5 is a vision akin to the Mill Pond Falls suddenly dwarfing Niagara Falls.  The image is one of Mount Zion suddenly dwarfing the mountains of false gods.  The image is one where Christian worship triumphs over the false religions of the world.  This is said to take place “in the latter days” — a phrase pointing to the days inaugurated by the Christ.  And people from every nation flow up to the new Mount Zion — the heavenly invisible mountain of the house of the Lord.  This is where we have gathered at today.  We have gathered at the hill that has become greater than all the mountains of the world.  We have gathered at Heaven’s Waterfall.  The primary point of application is that in the text we see that people will encourage one another to go up to the mountain in order to be taught by the Christ.  That is, we are to invite our neighbors and to encourage those who come regularly to come and be taught in His ways.

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