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1 Cor 14:1-25 show us how prophecy was a greater Spiritual gift than a spectacular gift for speaking in tongues.  Today neither of these gifts continue, but we are still called to desire Spiritual gifts, especially ones that we can share with others.  In fact, we can get even more specific than that — God wants us to desire Spiritual gifts, especially ones that will help others to know the Christian faith.  And we can be still more specific than that…but I am not going to give away the climax of the sermon in this teaser.  Everyone and all of their Spiritual gifts are important, and yet we are called to desire Spiritual gifts — not just the ones that serve to build up me, but also and especially those that edify (build up), encourage, and comfort others.  All this so that unbelievers might declare what we already know — that God is really among you.

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