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Mark 12:1-12 is the parable of the tenants.  In this parable a man, representing God, planted a vineyard.  The vineyard is Israel.  Jesus even includes some details from the vineyard of Isaiah 5 to make this clear.  The tenants are the religious leaders of Israel.  The servants are the prophets.  The vineyard owner sent his servants the prophets to collect the fruit from the tenants time and again and some of the prophets were beaten and some killed and the last one he had to send was his only Son but the tenants killed him too.  This is so transparent that the religious leaders leave with no doubts that this parable was told against them.  When the tenants killed the Son they assumed that they would get to keep the vineyard for themselves because they misinterpreted the sending of the Son as meaning that the Father was dead.  But God is not dead.  Thus every day He gives us until Jesus returns is a day of salvation — an opportunity to repent and turn to Him.

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