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Mark 15:1-20 shows us the perfect examples of “group think,” which in reality is a failure to think — it is going along with the crowds rather than thinking God’s thoughts after Him.  People do things in crowds that they would never do as individuals.  The whole Sanhedrin condemed Christ as a false prophet deserving death.   The whole battalion of soldiers mocked Jesus as the King of the Jews.  And the crowd was manipulated to demand the release of Barabbas and the crucifixion of Christ.  And Pilate was more concerned with the polls than doing what was right.  When we are where Jesus is we will find ourselves in the crowds — we will find ourselves in the world — but not be of the crowd, of the world.  When we are in the crowds we are to point people to Jesus by doing justice and preaching grace.  Doing justice by holding up the standard of God’s word even when it does not poll very well and holding employers, judges, and individuals in our communities to it.  And preaching grace by telling people that Jesus died for the murder we commit, the ways we envy others, and for the injustices we have done.  And because Jesus died in our place, God can pardon us — He can release us and still be just — very much unlike Pilate who released Barabbas in place of Jesus.

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