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Never does the Bible say that God helps those who help themselves.  Instead, the good news is that God helps those who are helpless.  Think of an infant child.  The human infant is the most helpless of all creatures.  Such little children depend on their mother for everything.  Thus Jesus explained to His disciples that they needed to turn and become like little children or they would never enter the kingdom of heaven.  He was saying that they needed to humble themselves like an infant — to depend on God for absolutely everything.  For it is when we appreciate our helplessness that we can find our hope in Jesus Christ.  Many of your neighbors feel helpless and are without hope.  And so it should only be natural that they would give in to despair unless you tell them about the hope that you have in Jesus Christ and that can be their hope too.  Yet this mood of despair and defeatism that is almost in the air that we breathe can just as easily infect you.  So the author of Hebrews has some words of encouragement for you as you look forward with your imagination to the coming of Christ and as you wait for His return.


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