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How do you deal with doubt?  Or do you deal with it?  We American Christians often can isolate ourselves enough to avoid dealing with our doubts, at least for a time.  But the ancient Israelites had no such luxury.  And there are times when we too will be confronted by a crisis of doubt (like when a young adult leaves for college) and we will have a choice: we can surrender to our doubts or we can deal with them constructively and be all the stronger for it.  Asaph shows us a couple of reasons in Psalm 73 that we may be forced to deal with our doubts in one of these two ways, but thankfully his psalm is open about his own struggle with doubt and how he almost slipped, and better yet it shows us how he found his footing so that he did not fall.  You will have to listen to find out the best way to deal with your doubts.

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