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1 Corinthians 11:2-16 is a passage that most Christians in America today do not know how to handle.  The instinctive answer to the question, “Does God care about the length of our hair and such?” is No!  The truth is that God does care about our hair and what we wear, but maybe not for the reasons that we think.  This text is a challenge partly because of the way it has been translated, partly because of the assumptions that people bring to the text but also because it was written to people in a different culture.  The tendency then is to dismiss it as culturally bound and not saying something important to us.  This sermon does not pretend to explain every detail of this text in the least, but it will note some things that have been overlooked in the text that are very important given debates today in the church about women leading in worship and explain how the text is relevant for us today.

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Rev. Justin Lee Marple, Niagara Presbyterian Church, Chiasm of 1 Cor 11-14

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