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We live in a time when many have perfected the art of playing the victim.  There are a variety of psychological reasons that people do so.  Sometimes it is a coping strategy because people may be inclined to blame their circumstances and the actions of others than to take responsibility for their own actions or failure to act.  Others may just want to gain pity or sympathy so that they can get something.  And there are many other reasons.  But when we read John 18:1-12 we find something very different.  In a very real sense we might think of Jesus as a victim — He was innocent of the charges that would later be brought against Him and the religious and political leaders collaborated together with one of His own disciples to arrest Him.  Yet the apostle John, for good reason, does not portray Jesus as a victim.  And when we look at Jesus this makes a difference in how we approach life every day.


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