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In 1 Cor 15:1-20, Paul uses three words that can be translated “in vain.”  The ESV renders two of the three as “in vain” but these words actually have different nuances or meanings.  Thus when we say that our faith is not in vain we actually can be talking about three ways that it is not in vain.  The first way that it can be in vain is if we hold to the gospel thoughtlessly.  Far too many people do this.  Indeed, many people seem to think that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is not important, not like His death for our sins, and there is not a great appreciation for the doctrine of the resurrection of the dead either.  Yet apart from the resurrection of Jesus Christ our faith would be in vain, in the other two senses.  I cannot say more without risking giving away the whole sermon in the teaser, you will just have to listen to discover what we really mean by “our faith is not in vain.”

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