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1 Cor 16 was written to a church that to say it was theologically confused and ethically challenged would be a great understatement.  But it was also intended for the instruction of the rest of the churches Paul had been planting — some of which were also messes and some of which were very healthy.  But Paul does not tell the Corinthian Christians that they should just continue to focus inwardly and on their own situation and problems, Paul instead tells them to be outward looking and releasing.  They did not have to wait to be “perfect” first, which would mean that it would never happen, nor did they even have to wait to be somewhat healthy, they were to continue looking out — far away — even while they were cleaning up their mess at home.  So we too today do not have to wait for our church to be “perfect” in order for us as its members to be looking out far away and releasing resources, including our members, out there.

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