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Isaiah 44:6-22 mentions that the craftsmen of idols are only human.  This reminds me of the excuse people often use, “I’m only human.”  This excuse has been abused because it is not a valid excuse for our sinful behavior.  All of us have made mistakes, some have been sinful and some have been the result of our humanity.  The “I’m only human” excuse really only works for the mistakes made because of the limitations of being human — mistakenly being in the wrong place at the wrong time since we cannot be in all places at all times, mistakes resulting from limited knowledge of the future or what others are thinking and the like, mistakes because we are tired or famished, etc.  The ways this excuse is valid are the same reasons that idolatry does not make sense and the reason that Isaiah mentions that these craftsmen are only human.  How can we, with all of our limitations, create gods who can save?  There is nothing more human than worship.  Thus we will either be worshipping idols or the true and living God.  When we worship idols the excuse, “I’m only human” is not valid.  Idolatry is a sinful choice to make gods out of people who are only human or other created things (not the Creator) or things that those who are only human make.  And you become like what you worship.  If worshiping a statue, you will become unable to hear and see and understand the things of God because something fashioned of wood or stone cannot see, hear, or understand.  It is easy to make fun of idolatry, as Isaiah does, but we also then must learn how to make fun of our own idolatry and turn to Jesus.  This sermon will help you to do that.

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