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Isaiah 4:2-6 describes a branch coming up and bearing fruit out of a desert wasteland.  Even when things look the bleakest, God will make what is bitter into what is sweet.  This is the context of the coming Christ, who is the branch.  And the context of the message that there will be survivors (a remnant).  No matter how bad things got the church would continue.  Along the theme of the T.V. show Survivor, the people would go through great trials and what they would endure is often quite disgusting.  But we have Spiritual immunity not from any idol, but from the true and living God.  He protects us in the midst of the heat of our lives and the storms and rains of life from Spiritual consequences.  The survivors are those who will be left in Zion when this earth passes away, they are those who will be in Jerusalem when it comes down, they are those whose names are written in the Book of Life, they are those who have been baptized and God is washing away their filth and impurities, they are those who have gathered onto the Heavenly Mount Zion for worship, those who are born again.  These are the survivors.  Are you a survivor?

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