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2 Corinthians 9 is our inspiration for seeing the cycle of thanksgiving.  That is, giving thanks through giving will produce thanksgiving to God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, which produces thanks through giving, which produces thanksgiving, etc.  All of life is a response to God that is either giving thanks or a response of ingratitude.  And one of the most basic ways we give thanks is through giving.  We thank our Spiritual leaders through giving them more material blessings, we give thanks to our parents in their old age by providing for their needs, we give thanks to widows who have done many good works through providing for her needs.  Whenever we are giving thanks for what other people have done, we are ultimately giving thanks to God who provided for us through them.  Our giving then reveals just how thankful we are for our salvation and for our many other blessings.  And when we give generously and cheerfully, God gives us the means to give even more generously.  God makes promises in this passage, and we know that God keeps His promises.

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