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One of the best things about Christmas is the presence of others — not to be confused with the presents of others — but the presence of friends and family, the company of friends and family, the fellowship with friends and family.  God said it was not good that man should be alone, and so this time of year we experience how it is very good to be together.  Spending time with one another is one of the best presents we can give.  But Christmas is about more than presents, and the presence of others, it is about God being with us.  The whole of Scripture is about God wanting to be with us without consuming us and the answer we find in Isaiah 7:14 and John 1:9-14.  Jesus is Immanuel (God with us).  God has tabernacled among us.  And all who did receive Jesus, who believed in His name have been brought close to God, even become part of the family, even become His tabernacle on earth.  Have you received the present of His presence?

Click here to listen to the 7pm sermon recorded live at Niagara Presbyterian Church.

If you would instead prefer to listen to the 11pm sermon then click here.

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