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Numbers 24:17 and 1 John 3:4-10 are passages about the original star wars.  Scripture often uses the visible heavens to describe what is happening in the invisible heavens.  Thus it should be little surprise that the original star wars consists of the battles between the Lord Christ and His angels and the devil and his angels.  The devil and his angels, as well as his seed (his earthly representatives) are sometimes described in defeat as falling stars.  Jesus is the star that would come out of Jacob and fulfill the prophecy of Gen 3:15 and Num 24:17 and crush the head of Satan and his seed.  Revelation 12:1-5 shows us, in apocalyptic language, the vision of the invisible side of the attempt to kill the Christ child in star wars language.  And Jesus has won the decisive battle, though the war is not yet over.  Jesus is still destroying the works of the devil, destroying the rule of sin over human hearts, the enslaving power of sin in our lives, not that He will make us sinless in this life (that awaits the next) but that He breaks its power over us, changing us when we were unable to change, even when we did not want to change, He continues to shine the light into the darkness.  Jesus is the bright morning star reminding us of the new day for all who will believe and when that star rises in fullness over all the earth then the works of the devil will be totally destroyed.  Come Lord Jesus.

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