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Isaiah 5:8-30 pronounces six woes upon those who have rejected the Torah of the Lord of Hosts and have despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.  Thus we are going to see the top ten signs you honor God’s word.  #10 Not Greedy but Generous #9 Bear Lots of Good Grapes #8 Rise Early in the Morning to Study God’s Word #7 Tarry Late into the Evening to Study’s God’s Word #6 Party at Church Because of What God Has Done #5 Humble Yourself Before God’s Word #4 Seek God’s Word to Change You Before Jesus Returns — Welcome His Messengers #3 Call Evil Things Evil and Good Things Good According to Scripture #2 Not Too Bright in the Eyes of the World and the number one sign you honor God’s word is Doing Justice is More Important to You than Mixing Drinks.

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