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Isaiah 45:14-46:13 shows us the powerlessness of idolatry, which cannot even be compared to the power of the true God.  This explains the pleading of the nations with Israel, “Surely God is in you, and there is no other, no god besides him.”  But the passage also shows us the passion of this true God for the lost nations — of Israel and the Gentiles.  He created the earth to be full of people worshiping Him.  He did not create it to be empty.  He did not tell Jacob’s offspring, “Seek me in vain.”  Those who seek Him will find Him.  He says, “Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth!”  In light of the coming of Jesus, God’s passion can be expressed as wanting to see the world bowing to Jesus and confessing Jesus is Lord to the glory of the Father.  He says that one day the earth will be full of His people doing this.  We as a church need to have God’s passion as our passion — to declare with one voice, “Turn to Jesus & Be Saved!”  His passion knows none of the boundaries we might want to build, we should tell everyone, “Turn to Jesus & Be Saved!”  And God can use us so that people in this community declare, “Surely God is in you” and we can reply, “Turn to Jesus and be saved.”

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