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1 Corinthians 4 shows by the personal examples of the church’s leadership during apostolic era that we will be united with the apostles if we are not concerned about status, honor and praise.  Paul and Apollos are examples so that the people might not go beyond, “It is written” (that is, the written word of God) and might not exalt one person among them at the expense of another.  And the only “well done” that is ultimately important is the Lord’s.  The spectacle of the apostles shows that the church should be upside down from the world.  Where the world would see being last of all in the procession of a Roman legion as weakness and folly, it is the wisdom of God that the first will be last.  And the apostles are last, prisoners and slaves, being led to the arena for slaughter rather than starting their reign as kings with Christ.  And the third example that we should not be concerned about status, honor, and praise is shown by imitating Paul like a son imitates his father.  This message gets at the heart of what the gospel does.

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