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Matthew 2:1-12 is the story of the wise men coming to visit Jesus and give him gifts.  Yet Christmas has become all about giving gifts to our children and exchanging ‘gifts’ with our friends.  More than this, Christmas materialism has become its very own religion with no need for Christ despite everyone knowing that the appropriate response to the birth of Jesus is to bow down to Him.  In this sermon we will explore the three things that made the wise men wise.  These three things set them apart from the religious leaders of Israel and from King Herod.  And each of these three things directly apply to us today.  After I begin by retelling the world’s idea of Christmas (a story that tracks verse by verse with the reading from Matthew), then we will unpack the true wisdom of Christmas.


{Rev. Justin Lee Marple, Niagara Presbyterian Church, Wise Men before Herod

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