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Grace and Peace from our Lord Jesus Christ!

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17).

Our mission is to take the gospel of righteousness by faith in Jesus to the nations. You can only take what you yourself received. Thus if faith comes from hearing then hear this: Jesus Christ came into the world to save you, an ungodly sinner, and now He forgives you your sins and God counts you as righteous for Jesus’ sake. This is the message that you get to share – the message that produces faith. You have something to proclaim. You have something to tell the woman on her way to an abortion clinic, you have something to tell the man who has been struggling with guilt over something that took place a decade ago, you have something to tell your neighbor who thinks that they are a pretty good person and does not see that they need salvation. You have something to say to those whose lives are going fairly well and they have a new hat to wear and you have something to say to those who are going through the worst of times. Thanks be to God!

As you know, early this month a group of us are going to the New York City area for a mission trip. Indeed those who are going are representing the whole congregation. It was a wonderful picture of our unity last Sunday seeing the whole church laying hands on these missionaries being sent out for this work. It is my hope that upon our return we will be that much more able to minister to our surrounding community together for we will learn and practice new things, grow in grace, and see faith born that will inspire us.

Much thanks again for all that you have done to be supportive of this journey that we take together!

In Christ,

Pastor Justin

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