Grace and Peace from Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Each and every day we should count our blessings that we live in the United States of America. To be sure we are all well aware that our nation is not headed in the right direction. And yet we also all know that it is a blessing to live here.

We have the freedom worship God without interference from the government. We live in a nation where we have the freedom to speak out about the injustices done in our midst. We live in a land where we can vote for those in leadership over us. And much more.

Not everyone can say this. 75% of the world population, according to a 2012 Pew Forum report, have significant restrictions (political or social) on their religious liberty (source: Thomas Kidd, “Numbered Victims,” World Magazine, latest issue).

As we approach Independence Day, let us count the many blessings that we have living in this great country. Let us pray and give thanks to God for these blessings and ask that they continue and then let us act – let us use our freedoms in ways that reflect well on Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We have the freedom to worship God without interference from the government, so, for example, we can worship with our families during the week and know that the door will not get busted in because of it.

May this Fourth of July inspire you to give thanks to God and exercise your freedoms in ways that honor Jesus. And may God bless you abundantly this July.

In Christ,
Pastor Justin

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