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So we’ve been waiting to see if King Saul would be angry that David wasn’t at the table for dinner and to see if Saul’s son Jonathan would follow the plan to let David know whether it was safe to be there or whether he needed to flee.

Well Jonathan saw for himself just how much King Saul wanted to kill David for Saul got very angry and started cursing his own son. Saul wanted to pass the kingdom onto his son Jonathan one day, but he knew that as long as David was alive that wouldn’t happen. For that reason he told Jonathan to send for David so that he could be put to death. But Jonathan questioned Saul his father saying, “Why should he be put to death? What has he done?” And then Saul threw a spear at his own son Jonathan. Thus Jonathan knew that he wasn’t going to be able to talk his father out of it and Jonathan got up from the table angry and refused to eat. He wasn’t angry so much that his father had thrown a spear at him as he was that his father was determined to kill his good friend David.

And in the morning he went out into the field with a boy serving like his squire. And he told the boy to go find the arrows he shoots. The boy ran into the field and Jonathan shot the arrow past the boy and when the boy was approaching the arrow Jonathan called out saying, “Isn’t the arrow beyond you?” Then he said, “Hurry up! Make it quick. Don’t stay.” The boy didn’t know that Jonathan was telling David to flee. Then Jonathan sent the boy with the arrows and the bow back into the city and when he was gone David came out from his hiding place and went to Jonathan to thank him for keeping his word and promising that he would always be loyal to Jonathan and to Jonathan’s children and their children. It was a very emotional time – they even cried together. And then Jonathan went back into the city and David fled. David came to Nob to Ahimelech the priest and the priest asked why he was alone and David said that he was on a secret mission for the king and asked for bread to eat. The priest said that all they had on hand was the holy bread and after they talked it over the priest gave this bread of the Presence that was set before God to David to eat.

What would happen to Ahimelech and to David? We’ll have to wait and see.

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