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Imagine with me a classified ad with the title, “Man Seeking Woman for Marriage.”  This ad stipulated that the woman must be willing to abandon her family and country and travel to a distant land where she would marry a man she had never met and the ad did not even offer to send you a picture of the man.  Would you go?  Would it make any difference to you if a servant came from a far away land and told you that he had sworn to find a bride for his wealthy master’s son and this bride had to be from a particular family and he had prayed for God to show him who this bride would be and it sure looks like it was you.  And your mother and brother agreed that this had to be from God and accepted a large bridal price for your release to marry a man you have never seen.  And then the very next morning the servant wanted to take you on that long journey to marry his master’s son but your mother and brother wanted you to linger at least ten more days and they asked you, “Will you go with this man?”  Knowing you will never see them again, would you go?  Before you say no, let me unpack a few more important details from Genesis 24:1-28.  This sermon is based on the whole chapter, but I only read roughly the first half.


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