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This summer I have preached three times at Cleveland Drive Presbyterian Church in Cheektowaga, New York, and twice at Berkeley Springs Presbyterian Church in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.  Links to the sermon audio on their website or channel for those summer Sundays are below.  This coming Sunday I will be preaching about Living in the Fiery Furnace from Daniel 3 at Cleveland Drive Presbyterian Church (I recommend reading Daniel 2-3).

  1. The Stunning Bride of Christ (CDPC, 2 June 2019), on Genesis 24, 29-30, and John 1-4
  2. Midnight Prayer (CDPC, 23 June 2019), on Luke 11:1-13
  3. More Than a Storm (CDPC, 7 July 2019), on Mark 4:35-41
  4. Scattering Seeds (BSPC, 4 Aug 2019), on Mark 4:1-34
  5. The Parable of Pharisee and Prodigal Sons (BSPC, 13 Aug 2019), on Luke 15:11-32
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