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We know that your true love deserves the best Christmas present.  Unfortunately, the gifts in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas are more expensive this year than last year (again).  The average increase since 1984 has been the same as inflation — but this year’s jump is substantial.  Yet none of us seriously contemplate getting the things on that list for our true love.  So then we look at the gifts suggested in Harper’s Bazaar’s luxury gift guide for some guidance.  But none of these suggestions are quite right either.  Then we turn to the word of God.  Song of Songs 1:7-8 is a poem that first tells us what the best gift a husband can give to his wife and a wife can give to her husband.  This is wisdom literature, so it is very practical.  But as you might imagine we will end with wisdom that applies not only to husbands and wives but also to everyone else.


Rev. Justin Lee Marple, Niagara Presbyterian Church, English: The Twelve Days of Christmas song poster Date	22 December 2012, 16:21:27 Source	Own work Author	Xavier Romero-Frias

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