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Jesus is asking us this question today.  Many people want Jesus to give them a promotion at work, or a new job, or a fancy car, or a better home, or a date with their secret crush, or the like.  I’ve read about one prayer group who decided that they were going to computerize their prayer requests and keep track of when they asked God for something and when that prayer was answered and these were the kinds of things on their prayer list.  Religious people often pray for prosperity and power.  Jesus asked this question of James and John and they asked to sit on his right and left hands in his glory.  They wanted great honor and power.  But all twelve wanted Jesus to bring them prosperity and power, not just James and John.  They wanted to sit on thrones with Jesus.  Jesus is asking you this question today too…what will you say?  We will hear him ask this question of a blind beggar named Bartimaeus today.  Bartimaeus could have asked Jesus for honor, he could have asked for money like most beggars do, but he asked for what he really needed…and as it turns out for what we need too.  Let’s hear about it and walk with Bartimaeus into Jerusalem.


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