A witness in the wilderness came to baptize with water;

He was waiting and watching for the Spirit’s manifestation

To come to rest upon the one and only Son of the Potter.

“Behold, the Lamb of God,” were his words of revelation;

After me, He was before me, the Father had not forgot her

For He’ll baptize with the Holy Spirit was the explanation.

It wasn’t time for Him to go like a sheep to the slaughter,

There were six stone water jars for rites of purification;

It wasn’t His wedding feast but, by this sign, He taught her:

He turned six jars of water into red wine, the best in all creation.

And He said under cover of darkness, to a ruler but not a plotter,

Of water and Spirit you must be born to enter heaven’s nation.

On the way to Galilee, He sat at Jacob’s well where He sought her,

Part Jew and part pagan, the bride of Christ, the church’s incarnation!?!?

“Give me a drink,”  the Messiah asked Samaria’s ugly daughter,

She said, “How can you a Jew ask me for a drink?” with exclamation!

Her Redeemer spoke of her thirst for water and He caught her,

He already knew about her five divorces and living in fornication,

So now she knew of whom to ask for a drink of living-water.

Blood and water flowed from His side after the last temptation:

Crucified, Jesus who died, with His own blood He bought her,

For whoever drinks of the water He gives, that one finds salvation,

A spring welling up to eternal life, in her own heart, He got her,

For her destination no longer is damnation but in Him is glorification,

Thus out of her flows rivers of the living-water that He brought her

And her witnessing vocation is a holy libation to the God of Transformation.

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